Science Week 2021

Science Post – 2021-2022

This week, Ms. Linehan came in to visit us and to show us the wonders of magnets. We learned that magnets have two poles, north and south. We also learned that two of the same poles on magnets cannot touch. We were able to see the magnetic field that is around every magnet when Ms. Linehan gave us iron fillings to place over the magnet!

We also experimented with bouncy eggs as part of our homework, and we also researched a famous scientist. We learned about Zhang Heng, Charles Darwin, and Alexander Bell.

In the classroom, we learned about the density of different liquids and made lava lamps. We carried out an experiment called ‘The Walking Colours’ and learned that water can pass through kitchen roll using capillary action. We also created gas balloons using baking soda and vinegar which created carbon dioxide. We learned that carbon dioxide is heavier or more dense than air when we dropped two balloons, one filled with air and one filled with carbon dioxide. We finished off Science Week with a great quiz on Friday!

Written by 4th Class Room 12


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