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Homework - Guidelines for Parents

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Homework is given Monday through Thursday.

In general, homework is not given at weekends. If set homework is not completed satisfactorily, a teacher may decide that it will be done at the weekend.

The following are the guidelines for the amount of time that should be spent on homework;

  • Junior Infants    -  5-10 minutes
  • Senior Infants   -  10 minutes. Reading every night, writing 2-3 nights
  • First Class        -    15-20 minutes
  • Second Class    -   20 minutes
  • Third Class       -   30 minutes
  • Fourth Class     -   45 minutes
  • Fifth Class        -    40-60 minutes
  • Sixth Class       -    One hour


These are guidelines only, as children vary in ability and application. Some children take less time and other need more time. If a child has spent the suggested period of time working on the homework and still has difficulty finishing, a parent should sign the unfinished work and send a note of explanation to the teacher.

  • Encourage the children for all efforts made
  • If you find that your child is having difficulty every night, please arrange to meet the class teacher to discuss
  • Set a suitable time for homework and take into account the need for play, relaxation and family time
  • Provide a quiet time and place for the child to work in. Trying to do homework while watching T.V. is not a good idea
  • Check your child’s homework and messages daily
  • Never do homework for your child. You can always help, discuss or make suggestions 
  • A note of explanation is welcome if for some reason homework is not done or finished
  • It would be very helpful if parents could listen to reading and also get involved in memory work such as tables and spellings
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