Code of Behaviour

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There are two basic School Regulations:

We respect ourselves and others.

We respect the environment and things that belong to other people.

Respecting myself includes;

  • Caring for myself, my health, my belongings etc
  • Using my talents
  • Caring about my duties

Respecting other people includes;

  • Recognising the rights of others
  • Politeness and good mannersin my dealings with others
  • Friendliness towards others

Pupils are expected to respect;

  • Each member of the staff
  • Fellow pupils
  • School property
  • Other people’s personal belongings

Pupils show respect for fellow pupils by recognising;

  • The right each member in a class has to learn - disturbing the class deprives others of this right
  • The right each pupil in the school has to gain maximum benefit from all school activities

Pupils show respect for teachers by;

  • Being punctual for school
  • Greeting the teacher at the beginning of class
  • Thanking the teacher at the end of the class
  • Paying attention and co-operating fully in classwork
  • Doing homework to the best of their ability


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