5th Class Trip To The Literary Festival

On Thursday 19th of May, my friends and I were walking to school. As we entered the classroom, I could sense the excitement of everyone. Everyone chatted while we waited for the last people to arrive. We were put into partners for the trip. Soon after we left for the Dundrum Luas stop. When we got there, some people bought tickets, then we got on the Luas and headed for Stephen’s Green.

Finally, we arrived and walked from Stephen’s Green to Merrion Square. The second we arrived we headed for the giant tent where the Literary Festival was to take place in. Inside the tent was another school already waiting. We quickly sat down, and Derek Landy, author of Skulduggery Pleasant came onto the stage. First, he introduced himself and told us about his life then about his job as an author. Then we got to ask questions. Soon it was over, and we hurried over to where he was doing autographs. The queue was long but worth the wait. Next, we sat down and had lunch. It was very sunny, warm and slightly breezy. We enjoyed our treats as well, on the grass beside the tent.

When everyone was finished, we happily made a dash for some grass to play soccer on. We played a bit of soccer before heading for the playground. We had a fun time running around the playground. After that we left the playground and went to play some more soccer. Meanwhile the other fifth class played in the playground. Eventually it was time to go. We packed up our belongings and started the long walk back to the Luas. The Luas was quite crowded, but we found seats in the end. When our stop came, we got off and set off back to school. We were all worn out, so we were much quieter and slower on the way back. But we still chatted and laughed on the way back. Finally, we got to school. A wave of relief washed over everyone as we entered the school. We were all absolutely, exhausted.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip. Everyone thought it was amazing I really hope we get to do something like this again!!!

By Maria 5th Class, Room 13


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