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Voluntary Contributions – Calendar Year January to December 


Dear Parents / Guardians,

The parents in Our Lady’s Grove Primary School have supported the school with Voluntary Contributions over the years.  We are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to the school finances. We look forward to your continued financial support.


Over the past two years;-


  • We received a Capitation Grant of: €171   per child   (prior year  €176)
  • Our School Expenses were:  €352   per child   (prior year  €372)


The funding from the Department  of Education & Science did not cover all of our running expenses. The shortfall was covered by Voluntary Contributions, Donations, Parent Association fund raising and Rentals from the school hall. Voluntary contributions last year were  €36,708 (prior year €40,431) before related tax claims.  Contributions were received from approx. 51% of the families in the school.  Again we are deeply grateful to all.


For 2019 we are seeking Voluntary Contributions for the following expenses:


  • Educational apps for iPads
  • Annual Site Licences
  • Science Resources
  • Continued Expansion of our Graded Reading Scheme (Junior Infants – 2nd Classes)
  • Comprehension and Guided Reading resources (3rd – 6th Classes)
  • Special Education Resources

This year we are again asking for an average contribution of €125 per child. All contributions are welcome, however greater or smaller.


Payment Methods


  1. The preferred payment method for lump sum contributions, of (say) €125 per child, is The Easy Payments System (EPP) on the school website ourladysgrove.ie. All these payments use technology which ensure the security of the transactions as they are processed. An automatic email receipt will be provided.


We encourage all parents to avail of our online payments facility. If you need any assistance please call Sylvia in the school office between 1pm – 4pm.


  1. If you wish to make your contribution by cheque, please return it with the remittance slip below to the Principal Mrs. Kernan in an envelope marked VC.


  1. If you wish to make your contribution by monthly standing order of (say) €12.50 per month for 10 months – please return the completed Standing Order form with remittance slip (both below) to the Principal Mrs. Kernan in an envelope marked VC.


Did you know Tax Relief is available to the School?


If your total contribution is equal to or exceeds €250, this allows the school to claim a tax refund. A contribution of €250 allows a tax refund of €112.32. This increases your contribution by approx. 45%.  Your €250 contribution is in effect worth €362.32 to the school. This applies to both PAYE and self-employed tax payers under the regulations.


If your Voluntary Contribution is equal to or exceeds €250, please complete and return the CHY3 form (below)  to the Principal Mrs. Kernan in an envelope marked VC. This will allow the school to use your PPS number in our claim to the tax authorities. 


Please note that school Voluntary Contributions operate on a calendar basis because tax relief is only claimable on this basis.


Thank you again for supporting Our Lady’s Grove Primary School. The Board could not manage the school without your continuing support.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Queenan

Treasurer - Board of Management




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