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The parents in Our Lady’s Grove Primary School have supported the school with voluntary contributions over the years. In fact the school would have ground to a halt without them. We are deeply grateful to all those who have faithfully contributed to the school finances.

We now have a new, modern and more expensive school. However, Department funding has been reduced and the running expenses of the school far exceed the monies granted by the Government. To run and maintain the school last year:

  • We received a Capitation Grant of €172 per child
  • Our School Expenses were €255 per child

The shortfall was covered by Voluntary Contributions, Donations, Parent Association fund raising and rentals from the school hall. Again we are deeply grateful to all.

The suggested contribution rate is €125 per child. All contributions are welcome, however greater or smaller.

Payment Options

There are three ways to contribute:

  1. A single lump sum contribution of (say) €125 per child – by EPP or cheque 
  2. A monthly standing order of (say) €12.50 per month for 10 months 
  3. A single direct payment to our Bank Account
    • Bank Allied Irish Bank, University Branch, 60 Clonskeagh Road, Dublin 14
    • Account Our Lady’s Grove Primary School Board of Management
    • IBAN IE77 AIBK 9311 8708 1190 84 BIC AIBKIE2D

Tax Relief Scheme available to the School

If your total contribution is equal to or exceeds €250, this allows the school to claim a tax refund. A contribution of €250 allows a refund of €112.32. This increases your contribution by approx. 45%. Your €250 contribution is in effect worth €362.32 to the school. This applies to both PAYE and self employed tax payers under the new regulations (2013).

We will write to all parents in early January providing full documentation including child identification and tax forms etc.

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