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Mrs. Anne Kernan

Ms. Elaine Molyneaux
Deputy Principal

Ms. JoAnna McDowell
Assistant  Principal One

Classroom Teachers

Junior Infants Ms. Clerkin
Ms. Hutchinson
Senior Infants Ms. Coyle
Ms. Rapple/Ms. Cavanagh
1st Class Ms. Gearty/ Ms. Basquel
Ms. Hickey
2nd Class Ms. Daly
Ms. O'Hara
3rd Class Ms. Leacy
Ms. McBride/Ms. Markham
4th Class Ms. Flanagan
Ms. O'Hora
5th Class Mr. Burke
Ms. Carolan 
6th Class Ms. Ryan
Mr. O'Flaherty
Class Teacher/I.T. Support Ms. Maher 

Special Education Teachers

  • Ms. Molyneaux
  • Ms. McDowell
  • Ms. Whelan
  • Ms. Byrne
  • Ms. O'Brien
  • Mr. Morgan
  • Ms. O'Leary
  • Ms. Brady/Sr. Veronica Barrins

Special Needs Assistants

  • Ms. Ball
  • Ms. Byrne
  • Ms. Goggins
  • Ms. Hyland
  • Ms. Leavy
  • Ms. Murphy
  • Ms. Turner
  • Ms. Nolan

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