Science Trip to UCD

Science Trip to UCD

On Wednesday, 14th November, 5th Class Room 13 went to UCD. When we arrived at UCD we went into the lab and measured our heart rate, then we started our own experiment. For our experiment we made red blood cells and white blood cells. We learned that there are many more red cells than white and that white cells are shaped like spheres while the red ones are like discs. The fake cells we made were made with clay. We then put the cells in test tubes and added red food dye. This created what blood looks like under a microscope. We all really enjoyed this experiment and learned so much.

Lily 5th Class Room 13


U.C.D. Science Trip

On the 13th of December we went to the East wing at U.C.D. Ms Linehan let us listen to our heart beats , and we then calculated what the average heart beat was. We then looked at different blood cells and soon after made models of our own out of clay to replicate the blood cells and red dyed water for blood and put them in test tubes to bring home. We all had a great time.

-Elena 6th Class Room 16


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