Sci-Fest 2019

Today we went to Jesus and Mary Secondary School for ‘Sci-Fest.’ We went to their science lab and did three science expeiments. As part of the first one we observed the 6th years lighting copper. The flame was green. Then they lit some magnesium. The flame was bright white. Next we put an indicator in liquids and saw them change to different colours. We learned that if the liquid turned blue it was a base, if it turned red it was an acid and if it stayed green it was neutral. For the second experiment we got a can and put some cold water in it. Then we put it on a hot plate. The water inside turned to steam. Then we put the can in cold water and it collapsed. This was due to air pressure.For our third experiment we learned about blood cells, looked at them through microscopes, and made some model cells out of play dough. Then we went to the hall and looked at the fourth years projects. My favourite one was trying two cokes one was from Lidl and the other one was the real Coca Cola brand. Most people liked the Lidl one.
By Aoife Rm 11


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