Nuacht 2019

This month’s newletter brings you the highlights of our Parent Evening on
Wednesday, 23rd January. There was a fantastic turn out of parents, teaching staff and BoM members. Three of our teachers presented on three strategies in which we are presently engaged: Wellbeing, Differentiated Learning and the Children’s Digital Experience. These presentations were very informative and gave parents an insight into the important and up-to-date work that is being done in this school.

Flu season is definitely upon us and we remind parents to keep your child out of school if he/she is unwell before school. Please ensure that your child is fully better returning to school. Staying in First Aid is not an option. Remind your child to bring tissues and please show them how and when to use the tissues properly throughout the day and remind them to always wash their hands after the bathroom. Thank you for your co-operation.

During the month of February there will be a Dalta na Seachtaine
target for the children. Every child should make a huge effort to ensure that they have everything they need for the day. Parents should resist the
temptation to drop off items to the office that have been left at home by your child. In this way your child will develop the good habit of being organised and independent.

Events Happening in our School
Our Student Council presented at 3rd National Green-Schools Marine
Environment Conference in Galway. The title of their joint project was
Wellbeing at the Sea’.

Ms. O Brien has been quizzing our Junior and Senior teams for the 1st round of the Credit Union Quiz which will be held on Saturday morning in Taney Parish Hall. We wish the boys and girls every success.

Our 6th Class Confirmation Candidates are participating in the ‘You
Shall be my Witness’ programme. It will take place in Dundrum Parish

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