Dublin Castle Trip

Dublin Castle Trip

On Thursday 22nd of November we went on a trip to Dublin castle. We were so lucky with the weather. It was lashing rain all week, but the sun came out on Thursday.

First we walked up to the Dundrum Luas stop and took the Luas to St Stephen’s Green.

Then we went into the park and saw The Hauntings Solider and we met a lady called Sabina. She told us all about the Hauntings Soldier. She brought it over from England. Someone had thrown red paint on it the night before so people were cleaning it. Sabina told us the soldier represents all soldiers, no soldiers and all countries, no countries. It was really impressive.

Next we walked down Grafton Street and saw the Brown Thomas window and the Christmas lights.

Then we went to Dublin Castle and we met our tour guide Camila and headed down to the gunpowder tower. There was a wall that was one thousand two hundred years old when the Vikings came and invaded Ireland. We saw the river Poddle which is a tributary of the Liffey and is used as a wishing well today. We went to the back door of Dublin Castle and Camila showed us trick steps. Trick steps are all different shapes and sizes. It looked very hard to walk up them.  When an enemy was invading they would mostly fall flat on their faces and it would be too much of a squeeze to fit an army in at once.

Then we walked up out of the Gunpowder Tower and saw the Weaponry Tower. It looked incredible and you will be able to go into it in two years. Then we went back into Dublin Castle and went into the James Connolly Room and we saw a bed from the 1916 Hospital. Then we went to the Drawing Room where Queen Elizabeth II spoke Irish and met the President Michael D Higgins. We saw the throne room with a throne that is gigantic with a lion and a unicorn on top of it. Then we left Dublin Castle and walked to St Stephen’s Green playground. Some people had a snack and then went in to play for a while. We enjoyed this very much.

Written by Harry & Cian  4th Class Room 12


On the 22nd of November our two fourth classes went to Dublin Castle. We went on the luas from Dundrum to St.Stephen’s Green. When we got there we meet a historian called Laura. She told us about the castle and how it burned down in 1684. She spoke about the moat that surrounded it. She brought us underground and told us that gun powder was stored there. The river Poddle which is a tributary of the Liffey flows under the castle. Next Laura brought us to the palace and told us about all the paintings on the walls. Then she brought us to one of the many bedrooms and told us how it was used as a hospital during the World War 1. After that she brought us to the dining room. We could not touch any of the furniture. There were a lot of full length mirrors in the room. The dinner table was bigger in length then a classroom. The king would sit in front of the fire place to keep himself warm. In the next room we saw the queen’s throne. The last room was the ballroom. It had paintings on the roof. One of them was upside down showing the people the direction to move when dancing in the ballroom.
We went back to St. Stephen’s Green and played in the playground before returning to school. We had a great time.

Written by Hailey and Niamh 4th Class Room 11


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