Book Review

Hi, I’m Freya and I have read Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce.

It is a very funny book. It is all about Nate and his enemy Gina and

the best thing of all is you don’t have to read the books

in order. I like this book because it is so funny, because

Nate always gets in trouble in school and his worst

enemy is the teacher’s pet in class and is a tattletale.

There is also a boy called Arthur who has a girlfriend

that Nate has a crush on.

I started reading these books because I couldn’t go

to sleep at night. These books really helped me to go

to sleep. If you don’t like reading, these books will

really help because the pages aren’t too long or too

short, but just right.

This book reminds me a lot of Diary of a Wimpy

Kid, but I prefer Big Nate because it is funnier and

he also loves drawing comics when he is angry and

drawing about what he is angry about.

And that’s all the reasons why my favourite book

in the World is Big Nate.


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