5th Class Visit Dundrum Library

On Wednesday my class and I went to Dundrum library where we learned about The Titanic. We walked to Dundrum to meet an author called Nicola Pierce. She has written lots of books including ‘Spirit of the Titanic’ and ‘King of the Boyne’. When we got to the library we sat down and Nicola told us many stories about the Titanic. She told us that the ship had 4 funnels but only 3 worked. The last funnel was just to improve the appearance of the ship. Unfortunately, that funnel was one of the reasons the ship sank so quickly.  Another reason for so many deaths was the lack of lifeboats. During the construction of the Titanic a 15-year old boy named Samuel Scott fell from a ladder and died. This was the first fatality of the tragic story. The day was interesting. I look forward to reading the book.

By William 5th class.


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